Can You Count on Your Roof?

Can You Count on Your Roof?

Make sure by scheduling roof replacement services in Garland, TX

When you need roof replacement services at your home in the Garland, TX area, turn to the pros at Firewheel Roofing for a thorough job. We can replace your asphalt shingle roof with care, or reroof it for added durability.

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5 signs you probably need roof repairs

While a tree may not have fallen on your home and smashed through your roof, that doesn't mean your roof is in peak condition. You should contact a roof repair service if you notice:

  1. Sagging or warped sections on your roof.
  2. Moss, mold or fungal growth on your roof.
  3. Shingles that are curling or broken.
  4. Small holes or cracks in your shingles.
  5. Dark stains on your attic ceiling.

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